Real Time Editing of Online Document

When I wrote the first blog Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office Live (, I only compared their website hosting features. There is another important feature that both apps support – online document sharing. The difference, if we limit our comparison to the Microsoft Office document types, including Word, Excel, Power Point, is that for Microsoft Offlice Live, it’s only a place holder to store those documents, and if you need to edit it, you will have to download them and open them up with Microsoft Office installed on your local PC, while in Google Apps, an online web based editing tool is provided for you to create and change the documents.

Both apps support document versioning which makes online sharing possible, and I gave google the check because of the real time editing capability. I was about to write something about how Google should push the limit and implement real time shared editing, meaning providing support to multiple users working on a same document at the same time, and Google did it.

Well, sort of…

Yesterday, Google anounced that it has bought a company, which support simutaneous online document editing.

Let me spend the rest of my Saturday evening with some beer and leave the story for tomorrow, but congratulations to the docVerse team, who spent less than three years, and get themselves a deal of $25 million dollars. Good job!

———— Next Morning —————

The beer talk last night with a former Microsoft employeee who still keeps up with the latest and greatest of Microsoft gave me a piece of information that I should have used to add some drama to this blog. Office 2010, which is set to be released on May 12, 2010 ( include the online shared editing feature. Doc Verse would become a dead application, but it ended up a winner because of the competition between the two software giants.



  1. mmm.. you state: “Doc Verse would become a dead application” because “MSOffice 2010 […] include the online shared editing feature.”

    Perhaps I’m tired right now… and slow understanding things… but unless MS gives an update to older versions of MSOffice that feature… Doc Verse can live for a long time!… after all… how many people will keep using older versions of MSOffice?

    On top of that… I think that there will be at least a chance that Doc Verse could also be incorporated as a plug in for the users of Open Office!…

    I do think that Google got a really good deal with the acquisition!

    Thank you for your posts on Google vs MS

    “For what can war, but endless war, still breed?” (John Milton)

    1. Marcos, thanks for your post! The reason I think Microsoft 2010 can beat Doc Verse is because most big corporate use Microsoft product, and in my opinion, they’d rather wait for Microsoft to add the online shared editing feature, than using the feature from a much smaller company. That’s just the way it is with the software industry. Big companies can easily bully the small ones, because they’ve already got the market share.

      Now that being said, In this blog, I was mostly talking about that Google’s purchasing Doc Verse right before the Office 2010 release is a great approach, and with Google’s support, Doc Verse is definitely going to competitive for a longer time.

    2. A little modification of my last reply. I thought I talked a lot about the bright future of Doc Verse, but I just mentioned it by saying “[Doc Verse] ended up a winner because of the competition between the two software giants.”

  2. Raymond,

    Thanks for the post. I was just looking for some info like this… You saved my few bucks and a few days :-).

    Do you have any updates with the new features that both of them offer since you wrote this blog?

    Thanks again..

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