On Monday 3/22/2010, Google, the giant Internet Search company closed it’s operation in Mainland China, and redirect the visitors of to it’s Hong Kong website. The reason, is that it does not want to comply with the Chinese Internet Laws to apply filters to it’s search results, therefore, was forced to be shut down.

The fuss between Google and Chinese Government actually started in Janurary this year, when Google claimed that some political dividents’ gmail accounts were attacked by organized hackers, possibly supported by the Chinese government, and it threatened to stop doing business in China. Withouth showing any proof, the allegation appeared to be ridiculous. Later, Google announced that they would no longer comply with the Chinese censorship laws and will remove all filters from the search results, which gained the support from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US President Barack Obama. Politicalization of the issues showed two images of Google to the world: one as a righteous entity that supports anti-censorship at the cost of losing the biggest market; one as an avarice business man who’s not afraid to use politics to help gain bigger interests. Google’s decision to stay and negotiate with Chinese government for two more months is an piece of evidence that profit making is more important to this company than being justice, and its final exit of China made Google a loser after playing fire.

Google may not look like a pioneer who shed blood in a righteous war against censorship, and you may laugh at it’s ridiculous strategy dealing with Chinese government, but what about the censorship itself? To be not able to read, write and speak whatever we want is the biggest ridicule of all. I was raised by a system that only showed me what is defined to be correct by the system. It makes me feel idiotic when I finally was able to judge right from wrong, and powerless talking to people who are able to accept and talk like the system. Knowing that system is still functioning, and working on generations of young people to come, how can I laugh at Google.


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