Microsoft Dynamics

Recently I was seeking the opportunities to become a Microsoft partner of their Dynamics product line for one of my company, and I would like to find it out by the usual process of any IT professionals who might do. I go to Microsoft Dynamics website and had a nice little chat with a customer service representative.

Here’s a summary if you are interested.

Microsoft ‘Dynamics’ is a line of software for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Accounting, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), project management and POS (point of sales) solutions for business.

The product names and purposes are as following

Dynamics NAV is a bit more geared towards manufacturing
Dynamics SL is more for project and time and expense companies
Dynamics GP for accounting, manufacturing and distribution
Dynamics AX for specific and intricate demands of a worldwide company.
Dynamics Point of Sales is for point of sales.
Dynamics CRM would handle features such as Contacts, Sales Tracking, Lead Management, Marketing, Customer Service, etc.

Since Microsoft loves to bundle software together, I asked the question if there is a “business studio” that offers the features of all above software and the answer is negative. I still believe eventually there will and it is work in progress right now.

The representative also suggested me to check out this link for more help if I want to resell a customized solution from these products


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