Big Data Blog

I love to learn new technology and write about it. It is a great way to keep myself abreast of the latest and greatest of the technology world. I found that if you have to write about something and post it for the whole world to read, you force yourself to dig deeper and read more so you can be confident about every word you say about the technology. By doing that, you become a subject matter expert!

I created a blog called Geek at Work in 2010, but only after I posted a few blogs, I lost my password and never touched this site. I finally get the site back recently and decided to keep writing. I changed the name of this blog to Big Data of Everything, as you can tell, I will be writing about Big Data, the industry, the tools, algorithms, use cases, and how it will change our world.

I will start by collecting some of the articles I wrote about Big Data in recent years.

Stay tuned!



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